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Khazna Data Centres ’ IRIS 2 awarded Uptime Institute Tier-III Certification of Constructed Facility

Khazna Data Centres , the United Arab Emirates ’ ( UAE ) largest data centre provider was awarded Tier III certification of Constructed Facility for its IRIS 2 data centre from Uptime Institute . This certification is based on the design , facility demonstration and intended performance capacity , effectiveness , and reliability of the data centre .

The growing reliance on digital technology in the increasingly connected world , has steered the data centre industry into sharp focus . Data centres are among the most important assets an organisation can have . Companies across various industries are utilising digital technologies as Artificial Intelligence , Edge Computing , IoT – to collect and capture data , support organisational workload and gain visibility into their performance . The pandemic accelerated the march towards all things digital and the emergence of new work and lifestyle patterns in the wake of COVID-19 will last well beyond the crisis . the accreditations we achieved today from Uptime Institute .”
Data centres are fundamentally highly operational , and maintenance focused . The facilities necessitate constant monitoring to ensure efficiency , systems advanced on an on-going basis , and management of assets , equipment , and capacity .
Mustapha Louni , Senior Vice President Middle East , Africa and Greater India , Uptime Institute , commented : “ An effective data centre infrastructure is demonstrated with the facility ’ s ability to boost the equipment powering the information systems , delivering greater performance , faster speeds , and smoother operations . The demand for data is creating a wealth of opportunities for data centres which hastened the industry to be proactive and pioneering about construction processes , solutions and services , and sustainability .”
Uptime Institute certification is the industry ’ s standard to assesses data centre reliability , availability , maintainability , and overall performance needed to provide continuous and efficient operations . Khazna Data Centre ’ s Tier III certification was granted after a diligent assessment and evaluation by expert teams from Uptime Institute . p
The need for effective infrastructure to support the ever-changing and growing needs of businesses is gaining traction .
Hassan Alnaqbi , CEO of Khazna Data Centres , stated : “ Developing and operating data centres is a continuous and long-term commitment for Khazna Data Centres . Our rigorous standards permit for welldesigned and optimised data centre build with downstream processes and operations always in focus , no downtime , handling periodic upgrades , fully driven with heightened capacity and energyefficiency to meet the rising market and regulatory demands . Khazna ’ s commitment to innovation and international standards of excellence in data centre infrastructure , construction and service are reflected in
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