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CASE STUDY opportunity to recover lost leads . The at eXtra team wanted to target these abandoners early on in their journey and finally push them to add the products to the cart and eventually buy them .
With every interaction on the platform like search , clicks , etc ., shoppers express various levels of purchase intent even before adding an item to the cart .
For example , the journey starts when the shopper enters the segment – ‘ Bahrain New Shoppers – Arabic ’. The segment targets all new shoppers who are located in Bahrain and speak Arabic .
Using the Journey Orchestration feature on WebEngage ’ s Omnichannel Campaign Manager , eXtra has been able to automate welcome campaigns at scale , improve shoppers ’ online shopping experience across channels and devices , and provide instant value to its new shoppers .
With the help of user journeys , the team at eXtra witnessed amazing results as 8.92 % of the targeted Bahrain shoppers viewed the product and 31.78 % uplift in the number of Bahrain shoppers who viewed the product .
A lot of online shoppers exhibit the following behaviour : visit the online store and view a product , gather some insights on prices , brand , quality and leave without adding the product to the cart or buying it .
It is this set of shoppers that shows interest in a product but abandons the website page or the product section on the app without adding products to the cart that eXtra using the WebEngage Retention Operating System wanted to target and adddress . This is a very common event faced by a lot of e-commerce businesses .
Generally , marketers spend a lot of time and resources on either acquiring new customers or targeting them only when the shoppers have added products to the cart .
But what about those shoppers who showed buying intent but left without adding the product to the cart or buying them ?
This is what eXtra wanted to address and didn ’ t want to overlook this segment of shoppers and lose the
The team at eXtra wanted to engage these abandoners with hyper-personalised communication to retain them early on in their lifecycle , prompt them to quickly add to the cart , and eventually motivate them to purchase .
But delivering highly personalised and contextual messages at scale is easier said than done . The team was facing a few roadblocks to track shoppers ’ behaviour and actions on the mobile app and contextually engage with mobile and web app shoppers across devices . So , eXtra wanted to deliver targeted , data-backed engagement campaigns that enable one-to-one communication with abandoners .
To address this , eXtra has been able to create a workflow using WebEngage ’ s Journey Designer and engage with abandoners on a personal level to drive purchases . WebEngage has empowered eXtra to boost its shopper engagement significantly and is able today , the retailer has achieved a 33 % increase in purchases through cart abandonment campaigns , 21 % of the total revenue generated through cart abandonment campaigns , 18 % of the targeted Saudi shoppers placed an order via multi-lingual campaigns , 13.21 % of the targeted Bahrain shoppers placed an order via multilingual campaigns and 13.31 % of the targeted Oman shoppers placed an order via multi-lingual campaigns .
WebEngage is a customer data platform and retention operating system that makes user engagement and retention simplified and highly effective for consumer tech enterprises and SMBs . The platform helps brands drive more revenue from their existing customers and anonymous users through highly contextual , hyper-personalised engagement campaigns across 10 communication channels . Product and marketing practitioners , across the world , design intuitive user lifecycle journeys on the WebEngage dashboard to convert existing users through data-backed , timely omnichannel engagement campaigns . The platform offers in-depth product and marketing analytics for brands to track growth metrics and campaign performance effectively . WebEngage powers the user engagement for thousands of brands worldwide , working across several industries like e-commerce , Edtech , FinTech , Foodtech , media and publications , gaming , BFSI , healthcare and online retail . p
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