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About The System
Targeted , hyper-personalised communication at scale
Here ’ s the snapshot of the journey : The Journey first checks whether or not the shopper adds to cart organically , afterviewing the product page . If this condition is not fulfiled , then the journey triggers apersonalised message after checking the shopper ’ s attributes like language and country .
Mobile Push
The journey then checks the shopper ’ s reachability on Mobile Push and a highly personalised mobile push notification is then triggered containing details based on theshopper ’ s behavioural history like product viewed and profile attributes .
Now , if the shopper doesn ’ t convert post viewing the first notification , another reminder message is triggered on the same channel , with an intent to make the shopper add the product to the cart he / she has viewed .
Improve product discovery and engage new visitors :
• Nudge visitors proactively to add products to the cart
• Convince abandoners to place the order
• Granular segmentation and contextual communication at scale
• Sending event-based engagement campaigns across channels
• Sending timely , segment-based communication across channels
The teams at WebEngage and eXtra came together to adopt an omnichannel approach to engage with shoppers across various channels like Email , Mobile Push , Web Push and Web Notification . With the help of contextual and localised content , eXtra has been able to effectively engage and retain its shoppers . Thus driving conversions and revenue . and caters to around 4.5 million monthly active users ( MAU ) on its online properties . With such a vast user base and a wide range of products and offerings , the team at eXtra aims to provide a seamless experience and make it easy for new shoppers to navigate through the platform and get to what they are looking for quickly . It ’ s easy for new shoppers to get overwhelmed and get lost on the platform . So , the team at eXtra wanted to onboard new shoppers to make a strong first impression and help them narrow down their search and discover current offers and discounts running on the platform to drive purchases .
“ The WebEngage Retention Operating System enables us to create personalised shopper engagement strategy to make every communication more meaningful to shoppers . With region-specific targeting , we are able to deliver localised content on the shopper ’ s preferred channels of communication and cut down our communication cost significantly ,” said Shahin Riaz , Head of Product , eXtra . com . “ The WebEngage Retention Operating System enables us to deliver localised content on the shopper ’ s preferred engagement channels and cut down our communication cost significantly .”
Granular segmentation and contextual communication at scale
In an industry flooded with too many providers , delivering value and delight to shoppers right at the start of their purchasing journey has become a priority . To stand out from the crowd , it ’ s important to personally engage with shoppers on the right channel and at the right time .
The team at eXtra wanted to engage with new shoppers right after they first land on the platform but was finding it challenging to segment shoppers based on different geo locations ( Saudi Arabia , Bahrain and Oman ), send contextual and timely communication across multiple channels and automate engagement to onboard new visitors at scale .
Automated welcome campaigns
Keeping the above challenges in mind , the customer success manager at WebEngage and the team at eXtra designed user engagement journeys using
WebEngage ’ s Journey Designer to onboard the new visitors . According to WebEngage , automated welcome campaigns are a great way to jumpstart a relationship with new shoppers as it shortens their path to the first conversion by guiding them with relevant on-going offers .
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