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Gregg Petersen , Regional Director – MEA , Cohesity next gen data management offerings that can enable IT to recover quickly and deliver business outcomes during their biggest crisis : a cyberattack ,” he said .
Petersen said in the past , most organisations worried about natural disasters like floods , hurricanes , largescale power outages , or even human error , but today , the threat has evolved to be much more nefarious with the rise of ransomware .
shift in the Disaster Recovery solutions market , with new products and services emerging to meet this demand . These innovations range from medical supplies to virtual communication platforms , all of which have become vital tools in helping people and communities recover from this public health emergency ,” he said . “ In short , it is clear that while COVID-19 may be causing damage on a global scale , its impacts are also sparking a whole new era of innovation in the Disaster Recovery solutions market .”
Gregg Petersen , Regional Director – MEA , Cohesity , said over the last two years , companies have had to carefully revaluate their Business Continuity plans . Petersen said the wave of digitalisation , propelled by the pandemic , has also made evident just how much of an impact any downtime and disruption of digital services can have . “ The value of data in informing business decisions , identifying new revenue opportunities , and enhancing services for customers has also been exemplified in this period . Consequently , there is a greater sense of urgency around the need for
According to research by Cybersecurity Ventures , every 11 seconds a business falls victim to ransomware . “ This is now the most serious concern ,” noted Petersen . “ While outages , disasters , and cyberattacks are unpredictable , they certainly aren ’ t unforeseen , prompting the need for all enterprises to build robust Disaster Recovery ( DR ) strategies . Fortunately , where traditional DR implementations were complex and expensive to maintain , today ’ s modern cloud and As-a-Service DR solutions unlock a host of benefits such as on-demand scaling , capacitybased pricing , and simplified operation .”
Bell said there are many different types of disasters that can strike an organisation , ranging from natural events like earthquakes and floods to human-caused issues like system crashes and data breaches .
He said CIOs need to be aware of all of these possible threats so that they can take appropriate steps to prepare for them . Some key considerations include designing backup power sources , training employees in disaster response procedures , and having detailed plans in place for recovery and restoration . “ Additionally , it is important to work closely with other departments such as marketing and HR , who may have valuable insights into hazards that aren ’ t directly tied to IT systems . Overall , the best way for a CIO to
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