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‘‘ business platforms . Organisations can track how users navigate their e-commerce site , such as where they tap , hover , and click . They can even measure how much time they spend on certain pages . By evaluating these behaviours , they can find out how they vary depending on the attributes and demographics of their website visitors .

Furthermore , this type of data collection is not limited to websites . Organisations can measure the effectiveness of social media marketing campaigns , as well , through metrics like impressions , reach , engagement , and link clicks .
Direct observations can also yield valuable information . For example , organisations can film events such as product demos and showcases and use the footage to acquire data based on the participants ’ reactions . The main downside of this method , however , is observers can sometimes be biased . It ’ s best to show the videos to a third party to get a more objective interpretation .
Transaction records are payments , invoices , product returns , and inquiries on online chats .
Transaction records can help measure customer satisfaction . Therefore , organisations will be able to identify problems and formulate solutions to win their loyalty .
Third party suppliers
Trusted partners can provide curated datasets that can be combined with internal data to provide additional insight .
The bottom-line
Gathering data is crucial for businesses of any size and industry . Without any significant data , it will be almost impossible to track a company ’ s growth and performance . Additionally , data is essential for attaining different goals , such as improving e-commerce customer service and creating datadriven marketing campaigns . Hence , it ’ s necessary to consider your objectives when choosing methods to employ .
Customers ’ order histories are a gold mine for substantial data . However , transaction data is not limited to purchases . All exchanges between businesses and customer is included . Some examples
Regardless of the techniques organisations use , remember that keeping all information timely and up to date is key to the overall effectiveness of their data management plan . p
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