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The majority of enterprise companies have hundreds of apps deployed in the cloud , and that trend is expected to continue , according to a new survey by

IDG . That said , 52 % of companies find that securing those apps continues to be challenging .
Half of the companies IDG surveyed said their infrastructure impedes protecting data when moving it to and from the cloud . Major reported threats to cloud security include lack of visibility ( especially from shadow IT cloud apps ); lack of monitoring ; and malicious actors , both internal and external . p
But that doesn ’ t mean that the remaining 48 % are fully confident in their cloud app security or are fully aware of all of the facets of cloud security they should be considering .
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“ Cloud security is a broad issue ,” said Jim Fulton , Director , Cloud and Edge Protection Solutions , Forcepoint . “ From what I ’ ve seen , about 10 % of companies really understand all of the facets . A more realistic answer is from the folks who express their lack of complete confidence in cloud security because as apps and data move to the cloud , there ’ s often a corresponding lack of visibility . IT doesn ’ t know where data is , and with ‘ shadow IT ’ projects , it can also be difficult to determine who ’ s using what tools and applications , let alone reliably secure them all .”
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