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SANS to hosts immersive skills training programme in Qatar in keeping the operational environment safe , secure , and resilient against current and emerging cyber threats .

“ Due to the dynamic nature of industrial control systems , many engineers are unaware of the characteristics and risks of various devices . With our ICS410 training , SANS intended to assist traditional IT personnel in the region in completely comprehending the design principles that underpin control systems , as well as how to support those systems in a way that ensures availability and integrity ,” said Ned Baltagi , Managing Director , Middle East and Africa , SANS Institute .
Ned Baltagi , Managing Director , Middle East and Africa , SANS Institute

SANS Institute , a global cybersecurity training and certifications provider , recently held its in-person training programme , SANS ICS410 Doha May 2022 .

Taught by real-world practitioners , the course aimed to train those cyber workforces supporting and defending industrial control systems
Led in person by Stephen Mathezer , SANS ICS410 features the ICS410 : ICS / SCADA Security Essentials course . This provides a foundational set of skills and core security principles necessary for the range of tasks that are involved in supporting control systems on a daily basis .
“ The purpose of this course is also to emphasize the need for control system engineers and operators to understand their role in cybersecurity . This begins with ensuring that a control system is developed and engineered with cybersecurity in mind , and that cybersecurity is prioritised alongside system reliability throughout the system ’ s lifecycle ,” Baltagi added .

Huawei will continue supporting Digital Transformation across the Middle East

During an exclusive Middle East roundtable to discuss Huawei ’ s

2021 annual results from a Middle East business perspective , Karl Song , VP of Global Communications , Huawei , highlighted how the company has been at the forefront of the ICT industry , reiterated its competitiveness across the world and commitment to supporting the Middle East Digital Transformation .
Song said : “ Our total revenue in 2021 reached US $ 99.9 billion and we generated a net profit of US $ 17.8 billion with a net margin of 17.9 %. Huawei recorded an increase of 75.9 % year-on-year in terms of net profit , and overall , we wrapped up the year in a solid financial position .”
Song added : “ The harder things get , the more we are investing in the future . In 2021 , we increased our R & D investment to 22.4 billion dollars , representing 22.4 % of our total revenue . 5G remains a crucial enabler of digital transformation across the Middle East . Huawei enabled the first wave of 5G deployment in many countries across the region . Moving forward , we remain committed to contributing to the Middle East countries ’ technology ambition , especially considering the mega-events such as the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and help create unparalleled value and experiences for the users .”
Karl Song , VP of Global Communications , Huawei
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