Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 78 - Page 61

CASE STUDY opportunities to augment growth . It includes interactive and role-specific dashboards and KPIs , with built-in predictive analytics capabilities , models , and interfaces .
CEO Dashboard
• Customer Lifetime Value
• RM / BM Dashboard
• Channels
• ATM Analytics
• Global Payments
• Limits and Collateral
• Non-Performing Assets
• Customer Attrition
• Complaints Management
Here ’ s how the new platform will help the bank effectively capitalise on data that would flow from multiple systems :
• Data required for analytics will get extracted from the bank ’ s source systems such as the core banking system , CIF , CRM , and other systems using custom-built data ingestion components of the analytics platform
• Unstructured data such as social media and Web logs can now be extracted
• The extracted data will be stored as integrated files on Hadoop Distributed File System ( HDFS ) in Finacle Data Lake
Using the data stored in Finacle Data Lake analytical models will be built and the output of analytical models will be stored in Hive . According to Bank Sohar , Tableau was used as the data visualisation tool to view the analytical model outputs in the form of dashboards and other interactive visualisations .
According to the Oman-based bank , the solution
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