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Additionally , given that nearly all ( 97 %) of US federal , 86 % of public education , and 87 % of all global public sector organisations cited they lack some IT skills to meet current business demands , simplifying operations is likely to be a key focus for many in the year ahead . However , IT leaders are realising that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to the cloud , making hybrid multi-cloud ideal according to the majority of respondents ( 75 %). This model will help address some of the key challenges of multi-cloud deployments by providing a unified cloud environment on which security and data governance policies can be applied uniformly .
• Public sector organisations are optimistic about application mobility . Application mobility is a critical multi-cloud and cloud-smart optimisation enabler , and while 75 % of public sector organisations moved one or more applications to a new IT environment over the last year , it ’ s well below the average across industries ( 91 %). Those that did cited improving security and / or meeting regulatory requirements ( 33 %), gaining control ( 31 %) and performance ( 30 %) as the top drivers . Moreover , 76 % agreed that moving a workload to a new cloud environment can be costly and time-consuming , versus 80 % of all respondents across industries , indicating that application mobility is perceived to be slightly less problematic . Public education organisations , which are ahead of the multi-cloud curve , were even more optimistic with only 56 % agreeing on difficulty of application mobility while US federal organisations had the highest level of concern , with 77 % agreeing .
• Top public sector IT priorities for the next 12 to 18 months include improving security posture ( 46 %), storage ( 41 %), 5G implementation ( 39 %) and improving multi-cloud management
The evolution to a multi-cloud IT infrastructure that spans a mix of private and public clouds is underway across the globe .
( 39 %). Global public sector respondents also said that the on-going pandemic spurred them to increase their IT spending in certain areas that emphasize bolstering their security posture ( 55 %), implementing AI-based self-service technology ( 50 %) and upgrading existing IT infrastructure ( 40 %).
For the fourth consecutive year , Vanson Bourne conducted research on behalf of Nutanix , surveying 1,700 IT decision-makers around the world in August and September 2021 . This report is supplemental to the global Fourth Annual Enterprise Cloud Index master report and focuses on cloud deployment and planning trends in the public sector , based on the responses of 491 IT professionals in that market .
It compares public sector and sub-sector cloud plans , priorities and experiences to each other , as well as to other industries and the global response base overall . Findings in this report attributed to ‘ public sector organisations ’ or ‘ global public sector ’ include respondents in worldwide federal , centralised and local government ; public education ; and public healthcare organisations . US federal government and global public education sub-sector findings are broken out separately , where specified , for comparison purposes . p
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