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IDC study : Data mobility engine can serve as core of effective data management strategy

With the sheer volume of unstructured data yet to be created and used in the years ahead , it ’ s safe to say that the way organisations manage their data will need to evolve .
IDC ’ s Research VP of Infrastructure Systems , Platforms and Technologies Group , Eric Burgener , authored an IDC Analyst Brief , sponsored by Datadobi , titled The Data Mobility Engine as the Foundation for an Efficient Data Management Strategy .
In the analyst brief , Burgener urges organisations to implement a comprehensive data management strategy to confront this increasing influx of data , noting that a data mobility engine provides the foundation for an effective data management strategy and can drive significant benefits for the hybrid multicloud enterprise .

Research firm IDC predicts that , over the next five years , more than 80 % of the data collected by organisations will be unstructured data , and that will only continue to grow 40 to 50 % per year for most enterprises .

“ A good ( data management ) strategy takes into account not only the heterogeneity of storage in most enterprises , but also a number of other areas , including on-and off-premises deployment models , application availability , data integrity , security , compliance and regulatory needs , efficient resource utilisation and the fact that more than 80 % of the data created over the next five years will be unstructured ( i . e ., file and object-based ),” said Burgener .

Latest ServiceNow platform release to accelerate productivity

ServiceNow has announced its Now Platform San Diego release to accelerate productivity and Digital Transformation .

With an upgraded , more modern visual design and new Robotic Process Automation ( RPA ) capabilities placing an emphasis on hyper automation , the latest version of the Now Platform is designed to help organisations address the most pressing business challenges .
“ From the great resignation , to supply chain disruption , to the new world of hybrid work , seismic shifts in our global workforce and economy underscore that the technology strategy has become the business strategy ,” said Chirantan ‘ CJ ’ Desai , Chief Operating Officer at ServiceNow .
“ With our Now Platform San Diego release , we are empowering digitalfirst leaders to create smarter , faster , better ways of working , and unlock the true potential of hyper automation across their organisations .”
Chirantan ‘ CJ ’ Desai , Chief Operating Officer , ServiceNow
Organisations are grappling to find more agile and employee-led ways of working to keep their people productive and engaged . The Now Platform San Diego release helps customers across all industries drive productivity , accelerate the value of hyper automation , and create smarter experiences , all on one platform for digital business .
Dr . Lara Greden , Research Director for IDC ’ s Platform-as-a-Service ( PaaS ) practice , said : “ We anticipate that ServiceNow ’ s new solutions will help organisations deliver more productive , collaborative employee experiences , better value for customers and overall result in a faster return on their technology investments .”
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