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FTFT subsidiary launches cryptocurrency market data platform FTFTX

Future FinTech Group Inc , a Blockchain-based e-commerce business and a FninTech service provider , has announced that its subsidiary , FTFT Capital Investments LLC has launched FTFTX , an innovative global cryptocurrency market data platform that provides institutional and individual investors with real-time , high quality and reliable cryptocurrency market data and aggregate trading information from many cryptocurrency exchanges .

Shanchun Huang , CEO , Future FinTech , said : “ The launch of the FTFTX cryptocurrency and market data platform is a landmark event in the history of the Company . We believe that FTFT Capital in Dubai will be a market leader in the market data and information services sector for cryptocurrency trading .”
The FTFTX platform provides users with a unique and user-friendly resource for their trading and investment strategies as well as macroeconomic and cryptocurrency sector news .
Ola Lind , Director , FTFT Capital and FTFTX , stated : “ We believe that efficiency , security and reliable market data are essential for cryptocurrency investors around the globe . With this in mind , we set out to provide an investor-oriented , results-driven platform that would allow investors to maximize their returns on their cryptocurrency investments .
By offering robust , secure and real-time market information , we believe that FTFTX delivers a reliable global platform with aggregated real-time market information that gives participants a superior user experience .”

New study : 93 % of people are overwhelmed by data at work

People in the UAE feel overwhelmed by the amount of data available to them when making critical decisions at work , according to a new study by Oracle NetSuite . The study , which includes insights from 2,000 people across the UK , France , Germany , Italy , Spain , Benelux , Nordics and Middle East , found that while people believe they have the data to be successful , they are overwhelmed by data quantity and some plan to turn to a robot or machine to assist in the decision-making process during the next 12 months .

“ UAE businesses have worked tirelessly to get back on a sustained path to recovery and growth ,” said Hossam Refaat , Senior Sales Director , MEA , Oracle NetSuite . “ But equally some have struggled , and it is evident that the businesses which acknowledge they have a difficult relationship with data are also the least optimistic and expectant of growth . With challenges and opportunities still on the horizon , the businesses that prioritise objective , data-led decision-making and properly equip their employees with relevant and digestible insights will be bestplaced to thrive .”
Despite believing they have the appropriate data , almost all UAE employees taking part in the study felt overwhelmed by the amount of data available when making critical decisions .
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