Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 74 - Page 82


‘ Secure , seamless and convenient ’: How Amazon Payment Services goes further to meet customer requirements

The shift to digital commerce has provided consumers with a greater array of services at their fingertips and customers now expect seamless , quality online shopping experiences . Peter George , Managing Director , Amazon Payment Services , highlights how the payment services industry has transformed , why merchants need to keep a close eye on customer experience and how Amazon Payment Services champions the provision of secure , seamless and convenient services for end users .

hHow has the payment services industry transformed and what has caused that transformation ?

The overarching shift in the payment services industry over the past several years has been the rise of digital payments , which is being propelled by consumer demand , government strategies and innovation in the FinTech and electronic payments sectors .
Digital payment adoption was already on an upward trajectory in the Middle East prior to 2020 and was further accelerated by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic Customers in the Middle East have a strong appetite for digital payments , recognising the convenience , security and speed provided .
In particular , the digital payments sphere in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) is a highly dynamic and thriving space , partly driven by government strategies designed to promote the growth of the local digital economy .
We are seeing several FinTech start-ups innovate in the digital payments sphere to eliminate customer pain points and make cashless payments available to more people We were very proud to launch the Amazon Fintech Lab in the DIFC Innovation Hub in Dubai earlier this year , providing a forum for important discussions on digital payments and the future of the FinTech industry .
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