Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 74 - Page 56


The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally shifted the way in which people work , disrupting business as usual and forever altering the employee experience . Research out of global consultancy McKinsey & Company found that addressing employee experience management is critical , especially when it comes to engagement and work effectiveness . And as the world slowly returns to work , companies have an opportunity to use technology , data , and analytics to meaningfully support their staff .

For Gulf Business Machines ( GBM ), an end-to-end digital solutions power brand with one of the largest portfolios of infrastructure , security and server solutions across the Middle East , the company has not only nurtured partnerships with the world ’ s leading technology companies , but it has also invested in a talented workforce .
As part of its Digital Transformation journey to more than 1,500 employees across seven offices , GBM reviewed all its legacy systems and one of the important areas for improvement was the company ’ s invoice and expense management system .
“ With over 30 years of experience , GBM required a partner that could help enhance the overall employee experience , and who could provide cloud capabilities and real-time analytics to empower us to become more cost-effective ,” said Feras Al Majed , VP Human Resources and Communications , GBM .
According to a Gartner survey , only 13 % of employees are satisfied when it comes to experience – most companies are falling short , leaving their workforce disengaged and as a result , less productive . However , those organisations that take the time to invest in their employee experience see positive results which is why GBM found that SAP Concur was the perfect solution to support a positive company culture .
SAP Concur Invoice is a speedy invoice management tool that is critical when an organisation is looking to control spend and manage cash flow . By automating invoice processing to accelerate the end-to-end
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