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KPMG : Saudi-based CEOs seek to strengthen digital resilience

Companies in Saudi Arabia need to execute a digital resilience strategy to identify disruptive technologies and provide protection from cyber threats once those technologies are implemented .

“ For CEOs in Saudi Arabia , strengthening governance and bolstering their ability to recover from a major incident are the most
important strategies for establishing digital resilience ,” said Mazhar Hussain , Digital Lighthouse Lead , KPMG Saudi Arabia . “ CEOs need to be quicker to shift investments to digital opportunities and divest businesses that face digital obsolescence .”
According to KPMG ’ s CEO Outlook Saudi Arabia 2021 , 66 % of CEOs say they are actively disrupting the sector in which they operate , down from 86 % in a prepandemic survey . Moreover , CEOs seeing technological disruption as more opportunity than a threat dropped from 88 % to 72 %.
Cybersecurity is among the top business priorities for CEOs in the Kingdom , who realise the need to build up their defence systems .
Mazhar Hussain , Digital Lighthouse Lead , KPMG Saudi Arabia
Purpose-led , sustainable cybersecurity practices help digital ecosystems thrive , bounce back from attacks and instil confidence that a business is well-governed .
Looking at the future of work , CEOs are remaining flexible . Some CEOs are looking to hire a remote or hybrid workforce , though only 8 % of them are downsizing their office spaces .

SACO and MEDSCAN optimise warehouse management with SNS and Infor

Infor , a cloud company , has announced that SACO , a retail and wholesale firm in KSA region , has deployed Infor warehouse management system ( WMS ) with Infor ION , and third-party application , Loftware Labelling .

The Infor WMS , which is fully integrated with SACO ’ s SAP ERP platform using Infor ION , is set to optimise order processing and picking , enhance put-away , and expedite the loading and validation processes . The project was managed by Infor partner SNS , a provider of supply chain consultancy and software implementation . volumes or orders and a wide product range across our eight warehouses ,” commented Ibrahim Mahmoud , Group CIO , SACO . “ The advanced functionality in Infor WMS ensures consistency across our operations , supporting bills of materials , picking , putaways and loading processes using unique
codes and integrating seamlessly with our ERP platform , to drive efficiency across our business . In addition , the deployed enterprise integration platform and Infor WMS facilitates collaboration and visibility to ensure consistency and performance both within and beyond our operations .”
Infor WMS will support SACO ’ s warehouse operations , which are managed by their logistics services provider MEDSCAN , following a merger in 2016 .
“ We needed a robust and scalable warehouse management solution with the in-depth functionality to support large
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