Intelligent CIO Middle East Issue 32 | Page 79

INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Enterprise Security POWERED BY Fortinet introduces machine learning capabilities to its FortiWeb Web Application Firewall ///////////////////////////// With cybercriminals increasingly targeting public and internal web applications, Fortinet has announced a web application firewall that makes the most of machine learning to detect threats. F ortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions, has announced the latest version of its FortiWeb Web Application Firewall (WAF) software release 6.0, making it the only major WAF (Web Application Firewall) security vendor to use machine learning for behavioural-based threat detection in web applications. • The new innovations to FortiWeb provide a dramatic increase in detecting web application threats with nearly 100% accuracy • Increased threat detection accuracy enables faster response times for ‘set and forget’ automated blocking, eliminating the need for staff reviews of alerts before taking action • Seamless integration with the Fortinet Security Fabric delivers advanced threat protection with file scanning of application attachments, simplified deployment and shared threat intelligence, as well as integration with third party services for extensive vulnerability protection “With a staggering 48% of data breaches being caused by hacking web application vulnerabilities, it’s clear that cybercriminals are increasingly targeting public and internal INTELLIGENTCIO 79