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Lenovo commits to net-zero emissions by 2050

Lenovo is in the first group of companies to receive net-zero validation from the Science Based Targets initiative , making it the first PC and smartphone maker and one of only 139 companies around the world with targets validated by the Net-Zero Standard .

Lenovo has announced its goal to reach net-zero greenhouse gas ( GHG ) emissions by 2050 , validated and approved by the Science Based Targets initiative ( SBTi ), a partnership between the UN Global Compact , CDP and World Wide Fund for Nature – making it the first PC and smartphone maker and one of only 139 companies in the world with a net-zero target validated by SBTi .

By working with SBTi and aligning to their Net-Zero Standard ( the world ’ s first ), Lenovo is taking a scientific , collaborative and accountable approach to reducing emissions .
“ As a global technology leader , Lenovo has been committed to reducing its emissions for more than a decade ,” said Yuanqing Yang , Lenovo Chairman . “ In the fight against climate change , we believe collaboration and accountability are the two critical elements needed for collective success . We remain dedicated to following climate science , standardizing our measurements and seeking on-going validation for our targets and progress .”
Aligning goals to the SBTi helps hold companies accountable for their emissions reduction . Without aligning to SBTi , it is difficult to validate or know when a net-zero target is reached . This is because :
1 . Standardization : SBTi is the first body to standardize what net-zero means as it relates to the effort to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius
2 . Adaptation : SBTi ’ s standard is dynamic and responsive to companies ’ collective effort and the changing temperature of the planet
3 . Accountability : While 2050 seems far away for many , many leaders making commitments may not be in their positions in 27 years . Aligning goals to reduce climate change to an external body provides accountability and continuity
Luiz Amaral , Chief Executive Officer of the Science Based Targets initiative , added : “ Climate science tells us that we need rapid and deep emissions cuts if we are to achieve global net-zero and prevent the most damaging effects of climate change . Lenovo ’ s net-zero targets match the urgency of the climate crisis and set a clear example that their peers must follow .” p
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