Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 22 | Page 59

CASE STUDY on employee opinions and experiences . It reduces research biases and categorizes their responses by sentiment type and key themes that spontaneously emerge without inductions or research biases .
This way , we can map out in-depth several dimensions of the company , such as the actual culture installed in the organization , the current relationship of employees with the company , the most admired characteristics in the work culture , the best practices to be maintained and the critical behavior patterns to be addressed .
Which sectors demand greater agility in the change process ?
The sectors that demand greater agility in the change process are the ones that have not modernized , either technologically or in terms of management mindset . If these industries have not yet experienced disruption due to innovation , they certainly will soon . The companies that do not adapt quickly in adopting or launching new digital products will be the most impacted and threatened by the competition .
The world , mindsets and expectations regarding work and companies have changed . Often , leading and dealing with the new way in companies and management that have not reinvented themselves has not progressed at the same pace as technological leaps and new , more effective digital resources .
However , scale-ups and innovative companies also highly value and demand data-driven decision-making and as they grow exponentially , they face crucial
organizational issues to be solved . Some of them are structural problems of systems and processes , as well as the emergence of subcultures and silos , a tendency towards declines in engagement , productivity and employee affiliation sentiment .
In general , market sectors with a more innovative or early-adopter profile of digital services or products have experienced experimentation , mistakes and successes more quickly in their journey to adapt to new ways of working , such as IT , finance , LogTechs , as well as startups , scale-ups and other pioneers in their segments .
How can this experience and knowledge in PeopleTech be leveraged for other areas and needs of the company ?
Kultua ’ s culture and change management surveys capture not only indicators , strengths and critical points of People Management . But also diverse aspects of processes , the impact of customized initiatives for each client , operational excellence insights , ESG , internal marketing , leadership profile , strategy and overall organizational results .
The same technology and research method used for internal analysis in companies can also be directed to the experience and feedback from customers , community , partners and other stakeholders such as investors and shareholders – considering the proper adjustments in the research approach to the different audiences . p
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