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LATEST INTELLIGENCE work together in harmony and reduces operational burdens . In fact , Kubernetes , originally developed by Google and now managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation ( CNCF ), has become the standard for cloud container orchestration , providing a platform for automating deployment , scaling and operations of application containers across multiple clusters of hosts .
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Kubernetes has moved from development and testing to production environments in many enterprises . According to the CNCF Survey 2020 , 83 % of the respondents are running Kubernetes in production , up from 78 % in 2019 . There has also been a 50 % increase in the use of all CNCF projects in just one year .
There is also an emerging ecosystem growing around Kubernetes as it expands within enterprises . DevOps teams can leverage the incredible tooling that is coming out of the open source software movement , such as new databases , big data tools , artificial intelligence , data analytics , search and many others .
Clearly , Kubernetes is not a flash in the pan – it is here to stay – and its prevalence is likely to expand dramatically as software complexity moves to more and more parts of the enterprise . p that can run in any environment . By packaging code and its dependencies into containers , a development team can use standardized units of code as consistent building blocks . The container will run the same way in any environment and can start and terminate quickly , allowing applications to scale to any size .
In fact , development teams are using containers to package entire applications and move them to the cloud without the need to make any code changes . Additionally , containers make it easier to build workflows for applications that run between on-premises and cloud environments , enabling the smooth operation of almost any hybrid environment .
The Danger of Too Many Good Things
The problem is that as more containers are deployed throughout organizations and in the cloud , operations teams need a way to keep track of them . Otherwise , it quickly becomes too much of a good thing becoming a bad , or at least an unmanageable , situation . That ’ s where orchestration comes into play .
Kubernetes is an open source container orchestration platform that allows large numbers of containers to
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