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Useful Holidays program strengthens digital literacy in Peru

The National Telecommunications Program ( Pronatel ) has trained 1,885 primary and secondary children and adolescents across six regions in Peru in digital literacy through its Useful Holidays 2023 program .

This was conducted free of charge between January 5 and March 15 , and was held at 104 Digital Access Centers ( CAD ) in Apurímac , Ayacucho , Cusco , Huancavelica , Lambayeque and Lima provinces .
The program focused on promoting the digital skills of children and adolescents using Information Technology through four courses : Digital Empowerment , Basic Word , Basic Excel and PowerPoint . The courses were designed using a competencybased learning approach to evaluate the three dimensions of knowledge : conceptual , procedural and attitudinal .
The Cusco region had the largest number of beneficiaries with 498 participants , followed by Ayacucho with 336 , Huancavelica with 306 , Apurímac with 268 , Lima provinces with 245 and Lambayeque with 232 . Notably , the CAD of the Julcamarca district in Huancavelica and the Jayanca and Lagartera CADs in Lambayeque were able to train 58 , 45 and 41 schoolchildren , respectively .
The CADs are equipped with printers , televisions and fully equipped computers , which allow access to Internet services and contribute to the development of digital skills and ICT use for the public .
Pronatel , an entity attached to the Ministry of Transport and Communications , reaffirms its commitment to continuing efforts to accelerate the expansion of coverage , access and use of the Internet to generate more opportunities for all .

DXC Technology enables improved health and safety efficiency in Bridgestone ’ s production

DXC Technology has helped Bridgestone , one of the world ’ s largest tire manufacturers , improve health and safety efficiency in production work by developing a digital environment for employee training .

With only four months of operation , the DXC platform , which is based on Virtual Reality technology , helped the manufacturer to minimize the machine downtime or times with low performance during the training period for new operators , since part of the training that was previously performed exclusively on a production machine is now performed on a Virtual Machine .
The Virtual Reality Training Project directly impacted productivity , with a 30 % reduction in the use of a production machine for training , in addition to helping to reduce the training period by 17 %.
“ These numbers show that the implementation of this solution was the right choice , and we are studying the possibility of taking it to other plants ,” said Rioji Hirokawa , Executive Director of Manufacturing for South America at Bridgestone . For the time being , this solution is being used at two Bridgestone plants : Santo André ( São Paulo ) and Camaçari ( Bahia ).
By integrating the DXC platform into existing employee training practices , Bridgestone was also able to improve health , safety and the environment . Since the gain in operational skill takes place in a controlled environment ( Virtual ), this is evident since right after the virtual training , the employee uses a real machine with familiarity and confidence to perform the operation .
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