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Vertiv releases first ESG report

Vertiv , a global provider of critical digital infrastructure and continuity solutions , has released its inaugural environmental , social and governance ( ESG ) report , the company ’ s first public report of its ESG activities .

The report outlines Vertiv ’ s approach to energy and water efficiency ; diversity , equity and inclusion ( DE & I ); employee health and safety ; and other ESG-related topics . The content covered in the report serves as a baseline upon which the organization will build future efforts .
“ We all know how critical connectivity is to our daily lives and the global economy . The world ’ s appetite for data continues to rise and our solutions keep data systems on and connected . At the same time , we recognize the current and potential impacts of climate change ,” said Rob Johnson , Vertiv CEO .
“ We are seeking to meet the growing demand for critical digital infrastructure and simultaneously mitigate environmental impacts from our operations and products . As a result , we ’ re innovating to come up with more efficient and effective ways to support critical digital infrastructure .”
Vertiv ’ s ESG Executive Steering Committee , made up of senior leaders from across the organization , is driving a company-wide evaluation of ESG performance . Some of the activities and results highlighted in the report include :
• The introduction of new and upgraded products with high energy and water efficiency attributes , with others planned for release in the coming months and years .
• Participation in several industry partnerships aimed at addressing data center efficiency and emissions , including the EcoEdge PrimePower Project ( E2P2 ), the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance ( SDIA ), the European Data Centre Association ( EUDCA ) and the RISE Partnership Program .
• An internal review of Vertiv ’ s Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions .
• Development of performance and improvement benchmarks to help the organization reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions .
• The introduction of training opportunities to support the organization ’ s global focus on diversity , equity and inclusion . p
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