Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 18 | Page 58

From left : Murilo Barbosa , Sales VP , Ericsson ; Marcelo Melchior ,
CEO , Nestlé ; and José Formoso , CEO , Embratel
Also , new processes were enabled using Virtual Reality glasses that connect a unit ’ s employees with anyone in any country . With this technology , it is possible to conduct training on the use of newly arrived machines and new lines and receive guidance on equipment adjustments , improvements and remote maintenance , all without leaving the unit .
The equipment allows an outsider to check inside the plant , being able to even perform maintenance remotely . With 5G in place , this entire digital ecosystem will become more reliable , available and comprehensive .


Marcelo Melchior , CEO , Nestlé Brazil , said : “ Nestlé ’ s national operation will be a reference in an unprecedented project in which it can enjoy , in practice , the benefits of 5G for Industry 4.0 . With our partners , who have believed in this pioneering project from the beginning , we will provide even better optimization to the operation to achieve significant productivity and efficiency rates for the industry .
“ This is another step in the journey of innovation and Digital Transformation conducted by Nestlé in the country at our Caçapava factory , known for developing new technologies applied in other industrial units of the company .”
Gustavo Moura , Digital Transformation Program Manager , Nestlé Brazil , said : “ Some prominent advantages resulting from 5G technology for the industrial environment are the high data transfer rate , the possibility of connecting several devices in the same network , and the latency . The latency especially makes a big difference in our case because data will be transferred within the network up to 25 times faster than in 4G .
“ These features provide a new reality to the industry that will change and simplify the physical factory environment . All partners involved are in a profound learning experience because we are starting from scratch , where everything is new . Soon , we will have the unique experience of already knowing how to do it .”
5G will also benefit Automated Guided Vehicles ( AGVs ). With reduced latency , the control of the equipment will occur almost in real-time and remotely , allowing it to be safer and preventing collision risks . In addition , it will facilitate a greater operational complexity , adding more AGVs and positively impacting the capacity of production in a plant . Finally , the use of 5G may promote a substantial increase in the volume of data in the future , allowing the integration of computer vision and Artificial Intelligence systems remotely .
The choice of Ericsson ’ s solution for this new project took into account its ability to be a dedicated private network . It features a cloud-based network management portal and troubleshooting application designed to meet the self-management needs of industrial Information Technology ( IT ) and Operation Technology ( OT ) users anywhere in the plant while keeping confidential data secure on site .
With the integration of the solution with Claro and Embratel ’ s 5G network , a project is being put into practice to expand the possibilities of plant automation for the use of new applications .
Rodrigo Dienstmann , President , Ericsson Latin America , said : “ Ericsson ’ s 5G private network solution has been designed from the ground up to allow organizations to manage their networks and integrate with carrier management systems .
“ Because the solution is highly resistant to intrusions and attacks , it ensures that business-critical operations meet the most stringent security requirements . With
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