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The future of 5G in Colombia has enormous potential . Its technology could increase the competitiveness and productivity of the regions , in addition to generating more employment .

Myths and benefits of 5G its implementation in Co

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In Colombia , the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications adopted a public policy in 2019 containing the actions needed to implement 5G in the country . academia and citizens regarding the impending development of 5G .

What to expect
Among the actions taken are regulatory modifications to facilitate access to spectrum for technical testing , the transition plan for new technologies , the revision of regulatory conditions for 5G entry and the development of 50 5G pilots that have been approved so far for six companies in eight cities .
In June last year , the ministry launched a public consultation on the progress of 5G development in Colombia , with a 16-question questionnaire to understand the perceptions of the industry ,
Overall , 5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks , designed to meet society ’ s increased data flow and need for connectivity . These networks enable a significant increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems thanks to higher bandwidth and advanced antenna technology . The most significant advance of 5G networks is the speed that allows instant connectivity to millions of devices and the ability to share information .
Lorenzo Villegas-Carrasquilla , Managing Partner , CMS Rodriguez-Azuero , said : “ As is often the case
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