Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 18 | Page 40

John Graham-Cumming , CTO , Cloudflare , explains how the cloud was not designed for what it must become . He introduces us to the concept of ‘ Supercloud ’ – a global network that ’ s everywhere everyone is , bound together by software that turns the globe into a single cloud that is performant , scalable , available , private and cost-efficient .

In Cloudflare ’ s S-1 document there ’ s a section that begins : “ The Internet was not built for what it has become ”. That sentence expresses the idea that the Internet , which started as an experiment , has blossomed into something we all need to rely upon for our daily lives and work . And that more is needed than just the Internet as was designed ; it needed security and performance and privacy .

Something similar can be said about the cloud : the cloud was not designed for what it must become .
The introduction of services like Amazon EC2 was undoubtedly a huge improvement on the old way of buying and installing racks and racks of servers and storage systems , and then maintaining them .
But by its nature the cloud was a virtualization of the older real world infrastructure and not a radical

Welcome to the Supercloud

– built for scale and performance

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