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rRecent years have been difficult with the pandemic , rise in burnout , remote and hybrid transitions , the Great Resignation and an incoming recession . What ’ s your biggest learning in the last two years ?

My biggest learning is that it is vital to have a better understanding of people and equipping managers with new feedback tools that save time and help them make better , less biased decisions . This is an area that has been neglected and the last few years have shown us that companies need to understand their people in a new way .
With an increase in the adoption of remote or hybrid work culture , how do you think companies can establish a better culture for their employees ?
Simply listening should be the starting point of all companies . Everyone is talking about how employees are important ; for example , they are the core of the business and how companies are adopting an employee-driven culture . The reality is companies are not listening enough .
Listening is a silent action . It is best performed when you are quiet . If you are asking or posting surveys the whole day , that ’ s not listening , that ’ s interrupting and bothering people . The remote world is a game changer for everyone . You don ’ t have your colleagues in front of you and it ’ s not always necessary to speak to them .
As a manager , you have to give up the control that you normally have when you are in the same space and the same room . Management needs to mature and delegate more efficiently . As we give workers more autonomy , the focus should be on creating better tools to listen and understand their needs and motivations .
Could you tell us more about your remote team and the people behind the AI technology ?
We have around 30 employees and we expect to be over 100 in the second quarter of 2023 . We are fully
remote and you ’ ll find team members across the globe . Our philosophy of hiring someone is based on their talent and attitude , it does not matter where the person is based .
Our AI team in particular is a mix of male and female engineers and psychologists led by Ricardo and Alexandre Denis . They have extensive experience in NLP and AI research . My co-founder , Ricardo Michel Reyes is one of the world ’ s best AI developers . He is only 28-years-old but is a brilliant results-driven
individual . Alexandre also has a wealth of experience , with over 50 papers related to NLP applied to understanding human behavior . Our AI team gives us a lot of confidence in the technology and their skill sets .
Why is the ‘ quiet quitting ’ approach disruptive to the company besides losing an employee ?
It can be a huge pain point when people either quit or when they silently stop working and delivering on
Alejandro Martinez , CEO and Co-founder at Erudit
When an employee quits or ‘ quiet quits ’, companies can dig deeper on the reasons why , the motivations behind it , and then use this information to improve the work culture .
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