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Rubrik Zero Labs research reveals effects on leadership after cyberattacks

IT and security leaders must address , on average , one cyberattack per week according to a new study released by Rubrik Zero Labs , titled The State of Data Security .

Rubrik , a Zero Trust data security company , gathered insights from more than 1,600 security and IT leaders including CISOs , CIOs , VPs and directors across 10 countries . The findings exposed rising security risks for organizations , resulting in widespread damage to organizations and their IT and security teams .
Steven Stone , Head of Rubrik Zero Labs , said : “ It ’ s clear from this research that cyberattacks continue to produce large impacts against global organizations and the effects are compounding . In addition to this rise in frequency and impacts of cyberevents , the individuals on the front lines are taking a psychological hit on their well-being .
“ Trust is down and anxiety is up . Without a proactive and reliable approach to defend against modern cyberthreats and strengthen confidence in an organization ’ s ability to resolve these cyber-events , these impacts
– both human and organizational – will continue to worsen and feed each other . The good news is we ’ re also seeing pragmatic , proven strategies in this same space paying off and we can build off these approaches .”

Talend Data Health Barometer reveals companies ’ ability to manage data is worsening year-over-year

which can impede enterprises and executives from supporting their strategic objectives through any economic conditions .

Talend , a global leader in data integration and data management , has released the results from its second annual Data Health Barometer , a survey conducted globally among nearly 900 independent data experts and leaders .

While a majority of respondents believe data is important , 97 % face challenges in using data effectively and nearly half say it ’ s not easy to use data to drive business impact . The Data Health Barometer explores the disconnect between data and decision ,
“ In the coming years , businesses are only going to become more reliant on data to navigate the challenges of a turbulent economy and an increasingly competitive marketplace ,” said Christal Bemont , CEO at Talend . “ By putting a focus on reliable data – supported by a strong data culture with a focus on agility and trust – businesses can not only weather any storm but come out ahead . Having a healthy data environment in place gives organizations the power to run lean in tough times without sacrificing their long-term strategy .”
A company ’ s overall data health describes not just the state of a company ’ s data , but how well it supports targeted business outcomes .
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