Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 16 - Page 84

The purpose of technology is to provide the best experience to its users , always looking to increase productivity .
subjects studied while making the act of learning more fun and collaborative .
For teachers , therefore , uniting technology and education means the emergence of new opportunities to offer teaching methodologies that are more focused on the context of students , who are already in an increasingly connected society .
It also represents the chance to enhance pedagogical practices through access to statistics and data provided by the tool .
An intuitive and easy-to-use platform becomes a great ally of educators , facilitating and optimizing the academic monitoring of classes .
Correcting exercises , sending feedback , closely monitoring learning , activities performed , engagement and attendance , all online , allows for highly personalized service according to personal affinities , skills and difficulties .
The purpose of technology is to provide the best experience to its users , always looking to increase productivity . In education , this is no different . Technological solutions offer meaningful opportunities for innovation regarding relating and making learning more productive .
The last two years have been proof that technology and education must go hand in hand .
In-person and distance learning complement each other as never before to meet the demands imposed by this new world , supporting the development of education and bringing students closer to the educational system , something of extreme importance for the future of Brazil .
Adriano Pires , Director at Embratel
The use of virtual learning environments is already a reality in many institutions and will be even more so in the post-COVID era to reinforce in-person classes and expand the hybrid study .
The transformation potential of new technologies in this area is extensive , with a capacity to fill gaps and increase the entry and permanence of young people in schools , in addition to making learning more collaborative and inspiring .
The union of traditional teaching with the new digital environment must be prioritized for Brazil to reach its full potential and become an effectively developed nation , expanding the flow of knowledge , stimulating socialization , creativity and social belonging to not only retain students in school but , mainly , to prepare them for the future with a differentiated and attractive education .
It is time for educational organizations to understand the importance of keeping technology as a fundamental partner in the learning process to really make students into citizens and protagonists of the society we dream of for our children . p
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