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Welcome to the latest edition of Intelligent CIO magazine for Latin America . This month ’ s cover features Juan B Arenas , CIO at Intervial Chile S . A . He explains how the major

provider of road infrastructure and management relies on technology for its most ambitious projects .
“ It is critical to ensure efficiency while having a positive impact on the environment and at the same time providing business benefits . At ISA Intervial , there are three initiatives we are promoting : the migration of applications to the cloud , the use of collaboration tools and daily usage of critical information for workers ,” he says .
“ Technological progress has facilitated hardware services to become software services , such as with telephony for example .”
You can find out more about his views by turning to p56 . can be improved based on the customer ’ s perception .”
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In this month ’ s Get to know , Juan David Orozco , CTO and Co-founder , Home Capital , discusses the highlights of his career and explains his managerial philosophy .
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Elsewhere , we examine how Edenor , the largest energy distribution company in Argentina , has managed to improve customer service , thanks to the implementation of the Avaya OneCloud platform .
Once again , I ’ d like to wish you a good month ahead and please enjoy the read !
Hernán González , Modernization and Customer Experience Manager , Edenor , says : “ Our goal is to make more channels available for customers and to turn the most frequent contact reasons into selfmanaged ones , leaving the personalized contacts for those cases that do require it .
“ On the other hand , we find it important to understand what is currently done well and what
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