Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 16 - Page 34


We are experiencing a second phase of adoption of the cloud computing universe , with companies mainly opting for hybrid cloud solutions for different reasons . Whether due to costs , technical demands , business characteristics , previous negative experience with cloud offerings or even regulatory issues that vary according to the region where they operate .

of Digital Transformation . These facts and experiences guide my advice for companies to put aside their fear of this complexity and see that the cloud is part of a strategy for discoveries and is fundamental to building organizations of the future .
Solutions to deal with this new and complex environment require new control panels and service delivery .
With this hybrid structure , companies are now facing enormous complexity in managing and integrating different architectures into a process that helps them maximize the value added by the cloud in their day-today business .
I follow several growing initiatives and projects that live the journey of adoption to the cloud as the basis
This complexity opens the door to the exercise of in-depth mapping of difficulties and questioning old business concepts in each segment or multi-segment of operations .
Only with this acquired and structured selfknowledge companies , take this step of treading a consistent migration and modernization plan through the cloud to meet their new challenges of cost , revenue and customer experience management in the digital universe .
Solutions to deal with this new and complex environment require new control panels and service delivery , performance analysis , new layers of security , on-demand cost management , monitoring , and , finally , governance of integrated processes in more than one environment .
By gradually managing and building these pillars based on people , a solid learning culture and technology tools launched and enriched all the time , enterprises create the foundation for the selection , constant and incremental use of the numerous digital services , the level of innovation , the scalability , and the agility that public cloud providers provide in this constantly changing market .
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