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Motorola supplies law enforcement agencies with real-time data

Motorola Solutions has announced the integration of body-worn camera and in-car video systems into CommandCentral Aware , so that law enforcement agencies can access multiple points of view via live-stream video , alongside the location of critical resources .

This is the latest integration for CommandCentral Aware , a cloud-based subscription service that provides a single map and common operational view for capturing and securely disseminating data across public safety systems .
Data from computer-aided dispatch ( CAD ), radio and broadband communications systems , fixed and mobile video sources , license plate recognition solutions , community engagement applications and sensors is unified and location data is displayed to provide greater awareness of incidents as they unfold and help speed incident response .
“ The amount of data we need to capture , analyze and share would be overwhelming without CommandCentral Aware , which consolidates data from our communications and camera systems , so our command staff have ‘ eyes ’ on the scene and our first responders at all times ,” said Mark Garber , Sheriff , Lafayette Parish .
“ It allows us to map personnel and access field-based intelligence , so we can dispatch and manage the appropriate resources . The recent integration of mobile video , alongside fixed , has added a new dimension , giving us multiple vantage points by which to better understand and react to an incident .”

UiPath announces CIO Automation Council to advance democratization of automation

the automation industry and strengthen the CIO ’ s influence both within and outside their organization ,” said Bobby Patrick , Chief Marketing Officer at UiPath .

UiPath , a leading enterprise automation software company , has announced its inaugural CIO Automation Council comprised of pioneering and innovative CIOs from across industries .

Together with leaders from UiPath , the CIO Automation Council endeavours to accelerate automation maturity through sharing best practices ; identify new business objectives and market needs for automation ; and establish industry benchmarks and provide input to guide industry regulation .
The Council is part of UiPath ’ s broader focus around the CIO , including a CIO industry practice dedicated to delivering value to CIOs through education , networking and thought leadership .
“ The CIO Automation Council is designed to deepen relationships that help propel
“ The CIO Council members are visionary leaders who will contribute tremendous insights that will directly benefit their peers . We are taking an outcomebased approach to help CIOs realize the possibilities of automation to solve complex enterprise challenges .”
CIOs are critical decision-makers on enterprise solutions and are responsible for maximizing return on technology investments . While CIOs pursue digital modernization , reducing technical debt and enhancing IT governance and security , they are also facing macroeconomic conditions such as inflation , supply chain disruption and labor shortages that add difficulty to their roles .
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