Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 16 | Page 21

Industries highly affected by the pandemic are seeing more quits
Technology and Healthcare Industries : In comparison to other industries , tech and healthcare saw a much higher rate of resignations with a 4.5 % and 3.6 % increase in quits in 2021 as to 2020 respectively .
The Education and the Arts , Entertainment , & Recreation Sectors : The education sector suffered the worst increase in quits from January to September , which has led to the worsening of the teacher shortage in American schools . While the entertainment & recreation sector saw the highest increase in quits in September , compared to August numbers . roles versus others . It would be helpful to measure Turnover Risk specific to companies , departments , and even employees .
Mid-career employees and mothers are more likely to resign
High quit rates are normally attributed to younger employees , but the Great Resignation saw a greater rise in quits among mid-career employees within the age range of 30 to 45 years , with a 20 % increase in 2021 from 2020 numbers . This may be a result of a greater demand for experienced workers as we shifted to work from home ( WFH ) conditions . p
The disquieting rise in resignations in 2021 is more glaring in industries with work demands drastically affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic . This is a pattern we are seeing with the data that is easily accessible – employment by industry – but it may be important to keep in mind that within an industry and within a company , the pandemic and its effects could be mounting more pressure on certain
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