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INTELLIGENT BRANDS // Enterprise Security

Embratel expands its security portfolio with a new solution

The new offering provides advanced endpoint protection with innovative security features and centralized cloud management .

Embratel has announced the launch of Embratel EDR ( Endpoint Defense and Response ), a solution for advanced protection of physical , virtual or cloud servers and workstations .

The launch seeks to provide more security so that malicious assets are stopped and unable to enter the systems during cyberattacks .
Operating inside and outside the client ’ s network , Embratel EDR meets the demands of companies that have gone through digitalization processes , either to implement a home office or to migrate their services to the cloud and are in need of efficient protection against security incidents .
With anti-ransomware and antivirus , Embratel EDR immediately identifies and restrains the attack . The solution analyzes the behavior of threats detected in systems and applications and acts to prevent security from being compromised , including blocking and isolating the asset that suffers an attack attempt . Thus , the solution prevents other devices from being attacked .
A content filter , with effective web control , blocks undue access to sites and applications that , for example , do not comply with internal company policies , protecting while browsing files accessed by employees .
Applications not allowed by companies are blocked from running on workstations .
The Data Loss Prevention functionality helps prevent the loss and leakage of files and information by monitoring and restricting the transfer and extraction of sensitive data . The offer allows the use of encryption on files to protect the information , mitigating the risk of data theft . Furthermore , the solution offers the control of removable peripheral devices , such as mice , headphones and others , which can also be hacked .
Embratel EDR provides a control panel to facilitate the management of functionalities , with the installation of a single agent in all equipment . As a result , the client does not need to have several interfaces to manage each device . Through the panel , it is possible to manage which software can be run on devices present on the network and accessed by employees , controlling the execution of sensitive applications .
“ Embratel believes that integrated services generate more benefits for companies . Therefore , we have always invested in offers capable of solving several demands simultaneously , such as Embratel EDR , which provides security for the entire infrastructure through a single and robust platform allocated in the cloud ,” said Venâncio . p
The offer has integrated tools beyond the traditional antivirus and can previously detect eventual threatening situations for the infrastructure . Embratel EDR includes features such as anti-ransomware , antivirus , content filtering , encryption , data loss prevention , and control of applications and peripheral devices .
Paulo Venâncio , IT Services Solutions and Pre-Sales Director , Embratel , said : “ Embratel continually invests in innovation to improve customers ’ cybersecurity . With Embratel EDR , we offer an even more complete service , managed in the cloud to serve and protect servers and workstations simultaneously , integrating several tools in a single platform and with specialized support .”
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