Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 14 | Page 53


Enabling business : Why security needs ‘ grey ’ areas in the age of hybrid workforces

Modern workforces require security solutions that not only keep the business and its data secure , but which also ‘ enable ’ rather than halt productivity . Mike Schuricht , VP of Product Management , Security Service Edge ( SSE ), Forcepoint , talks us through some of the key security challenges facing organizations and outlines how Forcepoint ONE helps to tackle these .


What security issues have evolved since the move to a hybrid and remote workforce and how does the Forcepoint ONE platform help to tackle these ?
For quite some time we ’ ve been seeing movement to SaaS adoption , with the shift from on-premise Exchange into Microsoft 365 a big catalyst . At the same time , there has been an on-going move to hybrid work , pushed forward by COVID .
It ’ s clear that looking ahead , employees will work from everywhere . That changes the dynamic from a threat perspective as employees can now access SaaS applications from unmanaged devices – something that wouldn ’ t happen in an office – so there are new security issues that have to be resolved .
Forcepoint ONE allows organizations to enable more ‘ grey ’ scenarios , rather than a black and white approach , by permitting connections that can scale out and connect to people wherever they ’ re at .
This global network of Forcepoint ONE utilizes hyperscalers , so that it ’ s as close to the user as possible so they don ’ t experience any latency .
If , for example , an individual was looking at a presentation their boss told them about , the platform can block the ability to download the file , but users can still edit and collaborate with it .
Hybrid work is here to stay and we ’ re going to see more use cases emerge where organizations need security solutions that enable the business as opposed to the more Draconian allow / block scenario .
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