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We see several issues to be addressed in the current situation regarding consumption in dollars and the inflation that affects us globally . We must perform more precise management of technology contracts , that is , review all dollar purchases made under flexible or elastic consumption contracts ( usually cloud services ).

It is also essential to identify contracts with limiting conditions that involve significant changes in consumption rates so we can monitor and establish operational strategies in the face of consumption peaks that may affect the budgeted amounts .
Another important consideration is the need to verify the full use of the idle installed capacity that , now more
88 % of Latin American business leaders are confident about the next three years for the economy of the countries where they are .
than ever , is an obligation as well as to look for options to eliminate such idleness or to make a creative review of its possible uses , linking other strategic partners to the discussion of financing and collective exploitation of these capabilities .
Renegotiating tariffs on consumption tied directly to the dollar has always been an option in this market . Looking at the long-term supplier-customer relationship , we should be ready to do so and engage long-term with reliable suppliers who will invest in the relationship in times of crisis .
If we are about to negotiate new licenses , it is essential to review the existing local cloud options with local currency payments .
Bringing the technical team into the discussion is also critical . Optimizations that save compute and storage time do not come from the procurement committee but from highly qualified technical staff motivated to operate flexible infrastructures with a clear focus on resource optimization .
ESG factors are being adopted in many companies worldwide because consumers are demanding more sustainable , user-friendly and better-managed processes , emphasizing new formats that show the true goal of consumers in these times of financial stress : lower prices without loss of quality .
Among the aspects analyzed , 88 % of Latin American business leaders are confident about the next three years for the economy of the countries where they are , while 84 % in the retail and consumer trade have the same perception . It leads to the inference that even with the political and international changes and situations , there is confidence in economic growth .
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