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Local organizations exploring more sophisticated cloud technologies but are hampered by skill shortages .

Rackspace Technology , a leading end-to-end , multi-cloud technology solutions company , has announced the Multi-cloud Annual Research Report 2022 that finds that organizations are becoming more comfortable with more sophisticated ‘ Cloud 2.0 ’ technologies , even as they confront difficulties in hiring and retaining IT talent .

The survey also finds local organizations ’ top cloud priorities evolving , from ‘ basics ’ such as agility ( 24 %) and scalability ( 36 %) and toward more sophisticated issues such as security ( 37 %) and compliance ( 33 %). Moreover , an increased appetite for risk among IT professionals can be seen in their enthusiasm for exploring edge technologies ( 41 %) and containers ( 54 %), while over half plan to invest in hyperscale providers .
“ The cloud is no longer a shiny new object – it is a nearly universally accepted technology , and there is almost no organization that is not currently in the process of
There is almost no organization that is not currently in the process of transforming itself via the cloud .
transforming itself via the cloud ,” said Jeff DeVerter , Chief Technology Evangelist , Rackspace Technology .
“ At the same time , there are a number of barriers standing in the way of that transformation , most notably a dearth of IT talent . More than ever , organizations will need to rely on external expertise to achieve their cloud goals , as they continue to shed legacy infrastructure and ask the cloud to do more .”
IT talent is hard to find – and keep
The survey underscores a growing talent dilemma for local IT leaders , with more than half ( 52 %) of
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