Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 13 - Page 75

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Lucas Pereira , Head of Products at Blockbit , explains the challenges remote working poses to enterprise cybersecurity . He highlights that tools such as firewalls and VPNs need to evolve and keep up with the mobility and fluidity that working remotely requires .

When the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020 , the main focus of discussions was on what the post-pandemic world would look like with the new normal . Today , more than two years later , few things are as clear as the idea that we can work from anywhere .

Because of an increasingly digital and connected world , we are embracing the ‘ anywhere office ’ culture fast . It is not by chance . According to research by the consultancy Workana , almost 85 % of leaders who have adopted the home office in their teams intend to maintain remote working , considering advantages such as agility and cost reduction , among other factors .
While allowing organizations to bring a series of potential opportunities , remote ( or hybrid ) work also brings challenges .
The physical boundaries have been overcome after this period of acceleration of Digital Transformation in companies .
From a structural point of view , companies need to be able to guarantee access to the technologies necessary to support daily operations , maximizing the availability of resources and key data to maintain – or increase – the productivity of teams . Another issue is the need to optimize the protection of employees ’ access to information , keeping all records and fundamental strategies for the business safe .
It is a two-fold mission : on the one hand , to simplify people ’ s access to the platforms and systems that
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