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“ ADL will follow some of the other companies ’ decisions so that its activities align with the guidelines . There are also other projects like channels and digital products , and the companies have their R & D centers , such as Banco de Bogotá . That is because each company has its own operation but aligns with ADL ”.
Since 2017 , ADL Digital Lab has worked to become a leader in Digital Transformation and ecosystems . For this reason , it has combined innovation and design to create technological solutions that meet market challenges , take advantage of new opportunities and can build new businesses while connecting them to an ecosystem of digital services .
A strategic project for Grupo AVAL and neglecting a highly valuable resource they already have : their data . With Mathilde-Ads , brands can use their data collected online and offline to get more customers , create predictive audiences or offer those




Currently , ADL Digital Lab is the first digital laboratory that works with multiple entities and is considered one of the best platforms to promote digital products in Latin America .
The company is 100 % digital and combines innovation and design to achieve the Digital Transformation of all its clients through solutions that go beyond technology .
In addition , it meets the challenges of the market , takes advantage of new opportunities and can build new businesses and connect them to an ecosystem of digital services . And its strategic value is evident .
“ We have our products such as Mathilda-ads and Augusta 2.0 . We support the development of ecosystems such as mobility , real estate and insurance , and we support the processes by making , designing or aligning certain tasks ,” said Neira .
“ Some of them are executed by ourselves and others by the other laboratories of the entities . Banco de Bogotá has its own large laboratory and also AVVillas , Banco de Occidente and Banco Popular have their laboratory called Zeta . In short , all the entities contribute and develop to accelerate the result .”
Productivity solutions
With this vision and focusing on the transformation of the advertising industry , ADL launches Mathilde-Ads – a digital ecosystem that centralizes the purchase and sale of digital ads in a single platform and simplifies the process , improving costs and optimizing results for advertisers .
For years , brands have used third-party data to segment their campaigns , increasing advertising costs who already buy them other products of interest . Using their own data will allow advertisers to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns directly on sales and not just digital marketing metrics .
“ Mathilde-Ads will be a great tool for our clients in the different stages of the conversion project , being a connection point between their data , their digital marketing campaigns and their increased sales . A digital acquisition strategy integrated with the business data strategy ,” said Neira .
Today it is essential to have a deep understanding of customers across different touchpoints . With Mathilde- Ads , brands can activate campaigns with specific criteria such as people who have or have not opened an email , people who have recently visited a point of sale , people who buy complementary products or exclude those who already own a product or service so that a single impression or impact is not wasted .
This advertising ecosystem proposes a model that optimizes the advertising budget by eliminating intermediation . Thanks to this , costs are reduced by up to 30 %, allowing brands to reach a greater number of users and impacts with the same investment . In addition , Mathilde-Ads wants to transform programmatic buying from the offer , with an increase of up to 111 % in the income received by content producers for their digital advertising spaces .
With this launch , ADL seeks to build an ecosystem that adds value to the entire programmatic advertising purchase process , with the integration of data and advanced technology , becoming an indisputable ally for those who want to increase their sales through digital advertising . p
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