Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 13 - Page 49


and time-consuming for IT administrators to create , verify and manage data backups . Crucially , the previous approach led to lengthy restore times , which increased the risk of business disruption in a Disaster Recovery scenario .
“ Around the world , cyberattacks on utility companies are becoming more common ,” said Fricher . “ To avoid falling victim to ransomware and other cyberthreats , we decided to look for a more effective approach to data protection .”
The Veeam solution
After reviewing solutions from a number of leading vendors , Naturgy selected Veeam Availability Suite as its new data protection platform .
Moving to digital customer services has made Business Continuity an even more important focus for Naturgy .
“ In order to get the most out of IBM Spectrum Protect , you need a great deal of in-depth technical knowledge – it ’ s not an intuitive system ,” said Fricher .
“ With Veeam , it ’ s the complete opposite . One of the reasons we selected the solution was our experience during the proof of concept . We deployed a free trial version and asked one of our junior team members to
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