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Last year , we grew 79 % in Latin America , from 500 people to just over 1,500 , and we are keeping that going .
Transformation to remain competitive . Endava later successfully replicated the model in Latin America .
“ Last year , we grew 79 % in Latin America , from 500 people to just over 1,500 , and we are keeping that going . During this time , we have also established a strong presence in North America with our customers ,” said Cotterell .
Digital Transformation
In terms of customers , Endava focuses on companies that require support in their Digital Transformation and where innovation is vital to remain competitive . It includes telecommunications , banking , finance , insurance , healthcare , construction , consulting , retail , marketing , advertising , and other industries such as electronics and automotive , apparel , and luxury items , among other things .
To achieve this diverse portfolio , Endava has more than 10,000 employees arranged into agile and multidisciplinary teams , with experts in software development , testing , data , applications management , project management , business analysis , creative services and more . In addition to investing in long-term client relationships , Endava recognizes the importance of providing rewarding and challenging careers for people to become the employer of choice where the company operates .
Human resources are scarce , particularly when we talk about outsourcing technology services of the highest quality . For this reason , Endava has a strong focus on acquiring the best talent available .
“ We want to work with the best people and develop their full potential . It is an exciting job attracting the right people . We have technological challenges coming together : the demand for Artificial Intelligence , Virtual Reality , Blockchain and contactless payments ,” said Cotterell .
“ There are several variables to consider continuing with the expansion in Latin America , such as the availability of young university students , labor and tax conditions ,” said Cotterell .
“ We promote professional and learning paths for our employees . While the line manager focuses on building high-performing teams , the career coach guides talent to maximize their personal and professional potential through learning and development .”
To ensure this career progression , the company also implements certain areas of specialization in the company called ‘ disciplines ’. These spaces with the technical communities assure the path to excellence in each practice . For this reason , Endava wants its collaborators to be more than employees and become partners of the company . p
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