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Dynatrace extends its advanced AIOps capabilities

Dynatrace has announced it has extended its advanced AIOps capabilities for leading database environments , including Oracle and Microsoft SQL .

New out-of-the-box extensions enable DevOps teams and Database Administrators ( DBAs ) to automatically surface and proactively act on precise , real-time answers about the relationship between their database infrastructure and applications .
It allows them to proactively resolve issues
such as inefficient database queries before
they impact service availability , performance and user experience . Additionally , newly released application program interface ( API ) endpoints enable development teams to extend their observability-as-code practices to databases . It makes it easier to proactively provision , scale and optimize databases to deliver better digital experiences faster and with greater efficiency .
Ken Schirrmacher , Senior Director of Information Technology at Park ‘ N Fly , said : “ Dependencies on multiple databases contribute to the complexity of our clouds and managing this complexity has been a drain on our ability to innovate .”
“ These enhancements to Dynatrace enable my team to simplify this complexity through
a comprehensive view of all the databases running in our environment , as well as how each impacts the performance of our apps and users ’ experience .
“ Most importantly , we can gain these precise insights without requiring expertise in specific databases before engaging with our DBA and app owner counterparts .”

Populos partners with SentinelOne and expands its portfolio

K sprawl of critical data on decentralized corporate networks , cyber incidents have increased significantly , especially DDoS and ransomware . With that , the market has started to demand more advanced security solutions . We see SentinelOne as the ideal partner to meet this need and expand our security solutions offering ,” said Asano .

Populos , a company specializing in end-user computing , infrastructure and cloud , has announced a partnership with the Israeli company SentinelOne , featured in the Gartner Quadrant in 2021 as a leader in Endpoint protection platforms . Populos reinforces its portfolio of advanced security solutions , adding even more value to its offerings .

According to the CEO of Populos , Paulo Asano , protecting devices and environments is a daily challenge for organizations . “ With the
With the growing trend of hybrid working models and the migration of corporate operations to the cloud , the risks of intrusions and attacks tend to grow . But the SentinelOne platform closes several doors of access to malicious hackers , and the integration with the technologies already offered by Populos makes the solutions even safer , improving the user experience .
According to Asano , SentinelOne provides resources and technology to secure end-to-end enterprise data , from endpoint to cloud , IoT device to container .
“ We have already worked with Citrix and Akamai security solutions , and now we have added another link in the cybersecurity chain of Populos solutions ,” said Asano .
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