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Infoblox ’ s State of Security Report spotlights remote work hazards

Infoblox has unveiled a global report examining the state of security concerns , costs and remedies .

As the pandemic and shutdowns stretch into a third year , organizations are accelerating Digital Transformation projects to support remote work . Meanwhile , attackers have seized on vulnerabilities in these environments , creating more work and larger budgets for security teams .
1,100 respondents in IT and cybersecurity roles in 11 countries – United States , Mexico , Brazil , United Kingdom , Germany , France , the Netherlands , Spain , UAE , Australia and Singapore – participated in the survey .
Anthony James , VP of Product Marketing at Infoblox based in California , said : “ The pandemic shutdowns over the past two years have reshaped how companies around the world operate . Cloudfirst networks and corresponding security controls went from niceto-have features to business mainstays as organizations sent office workers to work from home . To address the spike in cyberattacks , security teams are turning to DNS security and Zero Trust models like SASE for a more proactive approach to protecting corporate data and remote devices .”
Mohammed Al-Moneer , Regional Director at Infoblox , said : “ DNS is becoming a more common target of network attacks . As one of the oldest and most relied-on protocols of the modern Internet , DNS is utilized by almost all other services and protocols , making DNS an appealing target to attackers .”

Globant launches EdTech Studio to help companies create learning experiences

Globant , a digital company focused on reinventing business through innovative technological solutions , has announced the launch of EdTech Studio . As the education industry faces a new paradigm shift , Globant will leverage its deep technology expertise to provide organizations with end-to-end strategic advice , design and digital solutions , empowering them to deliver lifelong learning experiences .

EdTech Studio seeks to transform education into a successful , immersive and engaging experience through technology , for example , applying Big Data to synthesize and visualize information to measure student progress and make strategic decisions to increase retention .
Other new ways to offer a level of immersion that was previously impossible for students are the implementation of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to identify the specific challenges of students with certain content and the application of Virtual Reality ( VR ) and Augmented Reality ( AR ) in classes .
Diego Tártara , CTO , Globant , said : “ As Digital Transformation impacts entire communities , companies and industries , the education sector needs to revise its approaches and methodologies to create persuasive and engaging experiences .
“ Through EdTech Studio , we seek to build on our track record in building successful digital learning experiences so that everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential through high-quality education .”
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