Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 11 - Page 82


Education beyond the local level

Zyanya Bejarano , General Director for Latin America at Instructure , explains that educators must implement technology as a study method to improve student results .

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced all educational institutions to accelerate their migration to the virtual learning environment , it also opened new opportunities for those that could compete with programs globally . The competition has gone beyond the municipal or national ambit and has become an international one .

The current educational landscape is increasingly challenging and represents an opportunity for universities to adopt changes that facilitate mobile learning and study abroad , making them more attractive to a larger group of national and international students .
In this regard , educators constantly have an obligation to scale teaching to a significant student base , requiring a new delivery method which means that technology can no longer be seen as a luxury but as fundamental to improving students ’ results .
Technologies such as Learning Management Systems ( LMS ) not only help institutions reach more people but also enable them to change pedagogy through flexible , progressive delivery and a learning strategy focused on students , regardless of whether they are in New York , Mexico , Paris , Brazil or Beijing .
This year at Instructure , we conducted the Indicators of Higher Education Student Success and Engagement survey , where students and educators from all over the
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