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Full-stack observability provides real-time visibility into IT performance

Full-stack observability is a technological trend that has a significant impact on business operations helping to improve management indicators .

Full-stack observability is a method that provides unified visibility in real-time into availability and performance across all areas of IT .

This allows operations teams to quickly and easily identify problems and fix them before affecting the end-user . When this performance data is related to business metrics , technology professionals can assess issues and prioritize actions based on business impact .
Full-stack observability CISCO
When we talk about full-stack observability , it is mandatory to refer to the technology stack , which is the entire set of programs that work behind the same software .
According to the latest AppDynamics report , Journey To Observability , most professionals still rely on multiple resources – disconnected between them – to monitor the performance of all these programs . be a crucial year in the transition of their organizations towards full-stack observability .
Joao Fabio de Valentín , Director for Latin America , Cisco AppDynamics , said : “ Today , real-time visibility into all IT environments is essential if professionals want to deliver seamless digital experiences for their customers and business .” the change towards full-stack observability will bring significant changes to their business and surprisingly 96 % consider that their companies have supported the efforts to implement full observability by providing the necessary budget and resources .
The main benefits of observability
While these solutions do important work identifying issues and taking action , this disconnection means that teams do not fully understand the entire landscape of the services they offer .
Although it seems that this report gives a bleak picture , the reality is different : Technology service developers made great advances in their plans for full-stack observability in 2021 and most of them are very optimistic about what they can offer this year . In the case of Colombia , about 80 % of respondents believe that 2022 will
Why is full-stack observability so desirable ?
The increasing complexity of different technology infrastructures , rising customer expectations for digital experiences and the concern about the potential impact of an IT outage reinforce the urgent need for a unified view of the availability and also the performance of the entire technological environment .
According to the research , 88 % of the Colombian professionals surveyed believe that
Implementing full-stack observability gives greater visibility into the resources and performance of all the programs behind a service and this means people don ’ t have to spend as much time identifying anomalies and understanding an entire IT environment .
According to the study , in Colombia 84 % of professionals had some level of improvement in their technological stack by 2021 . This increases productivity and reduces operating costs . Furthermore , having more unified data also allows closer collaboration between teams . p
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