Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 11 - Page 63

CASE STUDY personalized to a customer ’ s specific needs . General or traditional campaigns often are not the best strategy .
As customer behavior changes , companies must adapt accordingly .
“ It is often the case that a sense of opportunity – and even empathy – is lost when a customer no longer has a balance in their account . In this type of service , the challenge is to ensure that they do not run out of service at any time . We should be motivating them
“ That ’ s where real-time analytical intelligence becomes valuable , because it allows us to identify and manage customer needs at the exact moment ,” said Bedoya .
“ This can show the ideal time to run a campaign and trigger a promotion , send a ‘ happy birthday ’ message or even just say hello . It may happen that the customer is already very well covered , and the only thing the operator needs to do is greet them


COMPANIES MUST ADAPT ACCORDINGLY . or show them that we are there . This is very important because it is not always about selling or generating more income – many times what is required is simply to be there , to ensure availability and closeness to the customer .”

But what happens when a prepaid subscriber is talking on the phone and suddenly runs out of minutes ? Or when someone is surfing the web and runs out of available data ? These are instances where operators must be able to identify the specific need and be able to resolve the situation quickly for the customer .
“ The prepaid mobile segment is quite unique – it requires being there at the exact moment when the user needs something ,” explained Bedoya . to recharge before they run out of service , but also , if they run out of minutes or data , they should have immediate access to recharge .”
Real-time interaction management is a rapidly growing area of marketing technology in recent years . Its application helps companies create a personalized experience , necessary to retain or improve customer experiences .
Telefónica Ecuador relies on SAS solutions to manage real-time campaigns associated with its prepaid business line customers to provide the right offer at the right time . This includes notification management from platforms that identify the consumption status of services purchased by customers . p
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