Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 11 - Page 51

COUNTRY FOCUS : COLOMBIA that has involved evaluating , training end-users and preparing the production environment , Díaz added : “ We felt the support of Oracle , which was always with us throughout the process . It met our expectations much more than we thought . We did not think we would achieve this implementation in so many companies in such a short time .”
Due to the time savings , Cordillera Products is getting ready to implement new internal projects within the company that continues to drive Digital Transformation and market positioning .
Ximena Díaz , Administrative Manager of Cordillera Products , told us about the solution adopted .
What factors did you consider when choosing a solution to be implemented ?
We wanted to have visibility of the business in a timely and reliable way , with information in real-time and without depending on third parties to process the information . We had a custom-built system but it had lagged behind technological advances .
Why did you choose to work with this provider ?
For its extensive experience worldwide in information systems for companies in different sectors of the industry and it offered the best solution according to the objective of our business .
How does the new system integrate with your existing systems ?
It works well through integrations that were built at deployment time .
Oracle helped reduce risk and brought order in our processes , adapting to the best practices in the region .
How do your customers benefit from the new system ? To what extent has the system prepared your company for the future ?
By having a more reliable information backup , any process that we must carry out facilitates the control of operations , generating more agile responses . The system has helped us to attend to any request with the comfort of using a cell phone or a tablet from anywhere . Our operations are not slowed down at any time and therefore we can attend to any request in real-time . p
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