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According to the company , this growth was due to Digital Transformation and productivity that had massive changes caused by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic . At the same time , cyberattacks shot up , especially ransomware attacks .
With millions of employees continuing to work remotely , businesses worldwide need a way to conduct transactions securely .
These factors are driving GlobalSign digital signature solutions , whose use has increased since the beginning of the pandemic . In 2019 , its clients used 10 million digital signatures , almost tripled by the end of 2021 .
Mohit Kumar , Associate Director of Product Management , GlobalSign , said : “ We have had an excellent year for certificate issuance , digital signatures and above all , timestamps . Given the extent of the pandemic , the rate of cyberattacks , and the Digital Transformation taking place around the world , we anticipate significant activity in the coming years . Atlas has proven to be capable of handling a massive level of activity , something we are very proud of .”
Latin America follows the trend
Luiza Dias , CEO of GlobalSign Brazil , tells us how Latin American companies are behaving in terms of using and adopting digital signatures :
With the COVID-19 pandemic , the restrictions implemented on social distancing have forced companies to reinvent themselves . It has led to an increase in the use of disruptive technologies , including digital signatures and the search for new ways of working remotely , intending to generate secure commercial and business relationships .
In Latin America , the history of the digital signature dates back to the early 2000s and has grown since then , especially in recent years . According to the research Verified Market Research , the Digital Signature Market in Latin America , the expectation is to reach US $ 8,731.64 million by 2028 , compared to a market that in 2020 reached US $ 940.99 million .
GlobalSign has been working with companies in the region for years to help them implement digital signatures . We are now seeing a considerable
The countries where the use of digital signatures and electronic signatures are more advanced are Argentina , Bolivia , Brazil , Colombia , Chile , Peru and Mexico .
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