Intelligent CIO LATAM Issue 11 - Page 34


With the current global shortage of labor in the ICT sector , even more so when it comes to talent , this issue is increasingly critical and , without a doubt , one of the biggest current challenges for companies . After all , without this qualified technical workforce is a surefire failure to promote the implementation of current disruptive technologies ( Cloud , AI , Blockchain , Metaverse ) to maintain business competitiveness .

However , there are undoubtedly some ways to search for a higher retention rate for technical talent . Yes , I said search because guaranteeing retention , in the current context of scarcity , has become practically impossible .
at their disposal a dynamic and program-specific environment where they will have ample access to continuous development .
• Flexibility is even more important after the COVID-19 pandemic considering that this type of talent tends to prefer working remotely or at least in a hybrid model , where they have the chance of working part-time remotely and part-time in the office . The flexibility in working hours is also usually highly valued by these professionals .
• The possibility of job and activity rotation is also important because technical talents like to work on different projects and initiatives and do not like repetitive activities . Creating a dynamic environment becomes essential to keep these talents motivated .
Here are some suggestions , which are the result of careful observations over the years :
• Technical talents are curious and like to keep constantly learning , evolving and developing . So , the company needs to create a continuous training platform / program for the team . Technical talent needs to be sure that they will always have
I finish with a thought about the necessity for an attractive financial package , even more so in the current competitive environment described . I am sure that this is not the most important thing and not what convinces these talents to stay at a company because they give great value to the aspects above and have the need to identify with the values and goals to commit to a long-term journey .
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