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Soumaya Hamzaoui , Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at RedCloud Technology , tells us the company is on a mission to improve financial inclusion in Latin America and beyond .

RedCloud is on a mission to help businesses by creating infrastructure for digital marketplaces in emerging economies , such as Peru , Argentina and Nigeria .

This helps address the significant technological challenges start-ups face and ultimately improves their financial inclusion and economic development .
Soumaya Hamzaoui , Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at RedCloud Technology , provides further insight , telling us about the clients and market RedCloud serves , as well as her management philosophy and career journey so far .
What has your career looked like so far ?
I have a 10-year background in software and telecommunications and oversee the operations and product strategy for RedCloud , as well as heading the design and business development and customer engagement teams .
My main expertise lies in product management for highly evolved digital financial services . Previous to RedCloud , I worked on the development of Orange Money in Africa and supported multiple industries including transport , banking and telecommunications in their transformation towards new technologies .
Tell us a bit more about your business and how it started
RedCloud is an open commerce platform which aims to grow global access to the world ’ s consumer products and improve the efficiency of supply chains by connecting and enabling brand manufacturers , distributors and merchants to trade digitally .
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