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organizations reduce complexity in their IT environment while achieving better overall security and risk management . Zero Trust is a way to secure all users , all the time , wherever they ’ re located and whatever they ’ re trying to do , using one approach . Zero Trust also provides a strategic framework – a North Star – to help guide the organization ’ s security approach and purchasing decisions for the future .
A key component of a comprehensive Zero Trust strategy is identity and access management ( IAM ). In a Zero Trust environment , only “ least-privileged ” access is granted following the authentication , authorization , and verification of users , apps , and infrastructure . p an ad hoc approach to digital transformation instead of a thoughtful , holistic one . The result ? They ’ ve inadvertently created an IT environment that is much more fragmented , complex , porous , and murkier than ever before – an ideal habitat for threats and risks to thrive .
A Unique Opportunity to Rethink and Rebuild Security As organizations look to expand digital transformation further and prepare for the future of work , they should step back to evaluate their current IT environment and how they ’ re securing it . Most will discover – and likely be surprised to find – that they have 100 or more disparate point solutions for security , from application firewalls to secure web gateways deployed across the enterprise . Yet , despite all of this coverage , security gaps abound .
A parallel and complementary journey to their digital transformation process , the Zero Trust journey can help
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