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Entel ’ s 5G reaches 45 % deployment of its network in Chile the country where the company ’ s clients can enjoy the benefits of this fifth-generation mobile technology .

After being awarded spectrum in two macro-bands in the last tender for the deployment of 5G in Chile and authorization from the authorities , Entel began executing the US $ 230 million investment network plan that it was committed to deploying nationwide , within a maximum period of two years , covering urban and rural areas .
To date , there are 67 communities that already have this technology , among which Alto Hospicio , Quilpué , Limache , Rancagua , San Fernando , Talca , Concepción , Temuco , and several more in Greater Santiago , stand out .
Manuel Araya , Manager of Regulation and Corporate Affairs of Entel , said : “ 5G is key for us and we want as many people as possible to have access to this technology , which is why the deployment will incorporate new areas as we continue to advance with the development of this network .

Three months after officially launching its 5G network , Entel has reported that it has already achieved a 45 % advance in deployment nationwide . With this , there are already nine regions of

“ It is important to point out that its deployment will be gradual and its development will take several years , given the work and investment it requires .”

Skillsoft report provides data and guidance for addressing skills gaps

Skillsoft , a global leader in corporate digital learning , has released its Lean Into Learning : 2021 Annual Learning Report , exploring the top challenges and opportunities facing today ’ s workforce , as well as trends in learning and the role it plays in transforming organizations and employees .

With businesses prioritizing building future-fit , resilient teams , the report highlights a 55 % year-over-year increase in the number of learners on the Skillsoft Percipio platform and a 45 % increase in total hours of Percipio learning consumption in 2021 .
Events of the past year have created numerous obstacles for organizations to navigate including the shift to remote and hybrid work , the rapid acceleration of Digital Transformation and a widening technical skills gap .
As companies seek to reinvent themselves , improve the overall health of their business , and motivate staff , they are placing an increased emphasis on employee development .
Jeffrey R . Tarr , Chief Executive Officer , Skillsoft , said : “ The nature of work – and consequently the nature of the workforce
– has evolved at a rapid pace . Digital Transformation , a global pandemic , and a changing workforce have caused companies to rethink how they conduct business and the talent required to innovate , meet customer needs and exceed employees ’ expectations .”
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