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IT training company focuses on needs of young trainees

New Horizons IT and Business Training

Solutions , a global leading provider of IT training to corporate learners and administrators for 40 years , has launched a new website the company says will better meet the needs of today ’ s younger IT trainees .
The site brings more visual engagement and ease of use , providing more educational opportunities for the new generation of IT professionals .
“ Our 18 to 24-year-old demographic has seen significant growth over the past three years . It is now our fastest-growing customer segment ,” said Dave Saben , Chief Experience Officer for New Horizons . “ Our goal has always been to meet learners on their own terms and those terms are changing . Our new mobile-first , responsive site was specifically designed to appeal to younger learners who demand a seamless experience across all screen sizes .
“ When a learner lands on our website today , they can choose one of thousands of available courses in just three clicks of the mouse , enrolling themselves in a lifechanging experience without the need to talk to any of the hundreds of consultants we have working across the globe .”
The company says Millennials prefer to complete a transaction quickly on their own , rather than talking on the phone to a human .

ServiceNow and Qualtrics innovate to help companies scale service experiences

ServiceNow and Qualtrics have announced the availability of new joint capabilities that enable companies to deliver personalized service experiences .

Combining ServiceNow ’ s digital workflows with Qualtrics ’ experience management technology , organizations can harness and act on customer and employee experience data on the Now Platform , in real time , to quickly resolve issues and improve engagement , loyalty and retention . growth in 2022 ,” said Michael Ramsey , VP , Customer Workflow Products at ServiceNow . “ Access to rich customer insights allows agents to respond to individual needs and powers digital workflows that drive great experiences , customer loyalty and empathy .”
“ The digital services and tools that employees use for work are pivotal to the overall employee experience in today ’ s hybrid workplace . When employees are enabled with the right technology at work they are happier and more productive ,” said Bob Border , CIO , Ingredion Incorporated . “ The Qualtrics and ServiceNow integration will enable our IT department to identify and close experience gaps that improve employee satisfaction , productivity and engagement .”
Organizations can now access additional customer experience data from Qualtrics on the Now Platform via the Qualtrics CustomerXM and ServiceNow Customer Service Management integration .
“ What it means to truly know your customer has changed . Organizations need to deliver empathy at mass scale in every interaction to retain customers and drive
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